Reflections on Anxiety, Friendship, and Compulsion

Brian Geiger Writer | Sunspots and the grace of other people

“There were a lot of things I didn’t do back then, most of them tied to the same baseless anxieties…Those frustrate other people, you learn, because they know its senseless too but have never felt the peculiar gravity of compulsion and ritual. …

Why I’m Writing About College

To my mind, this is how college felt, though not always how it was. After all, the worst of it comes easily to mind, but the best of it must be wrestled back with a bit of work and a bit of art.

There’s nothing here about the tedious parts or the long stretches where nothing happened. And there’s much more omitted than included because I’m at no risk of forgetting the bad days.

What such a personal project could mean to someone else, I don’t know. But there’s so much good that stands to be forgotten, and this is my attempt at preserving it.

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Reflections on Nights with Ourselves

“Everything at night feels like a cathedral. Even your most innocent steps are different then, echoing out and back again as if nothing, not even the slightest movement, could remain secret.”

There was a pond at the edge of campus, and when the sun got…

Reflections on Finding Ourselves in Others

“The world was hot wax to people like us…These are the strange things we do to avoid mediocrity and the reflexive defense we have to avoid seeing it.”

When I think about college, I remember a young man who once walked with me after class. He was excited about a…

Brian Geiger

Reflecting on misspent years and misguided thoughts. Currently writing in the creative nonfiction, memoir, and self niche.

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